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Choosing the Right Water Pump for Your Home

Water Pump Repair, Service, and Installation Specialists

Homeowners in urban areas and cities across B.C. enjoy easy access to public water systems. It’s their primary source of drinking water. For families living in rural and remote communities, a private water system, I.e., water well, cistern, river, lake, or cistern tank – is their sole source of drinking water.

A professionally installed and properly maintained well pump system offers the highest level of reliability and longevity. Integra Water is a BC licensed and qualified water pump installer and a member of the BC Groundwater Association. We provide comprehensive water system services on Southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Whether you need emergency repairs to restore water service to your home or require a new water well system, contact Integra Water Systems today.

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Water & Well Pump Installation in Victoria

Adhering to BC’s Groundwater Protection Regulations

Since private water systems are the sole source of water for homeowners in rural areas, you want to ensure that your system is installed by a trusted and experienced company. Residential water or well pumps push water from your well into a storage tank. A motor is used to draw water into a pump, then pushed to the surface into a pressure tank.

With a properly installed water or well pump, you and your family can enjoy a high-pressure stream of water. British Columbia lists rules and requirements for installing well pumps. Our team is fully versed in these regulations and fully complies with them. For years, homeowners have trusted our team at Integra Water Systems to choose and install the perfect water pump or well system on their rural property in and around Victoria, BC.

  • Well Pump Installations & Repair
  • Water filtration and Conditioning
  • Service & Repair
  • Water Storage Systems
  • Water Quality Sampling
  • Well flow testing
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Working With Integra Water

Locally Owned & Operated

With over 25 years of experience behind every job, we have the expertise to ensure that your home’s water & well pump system is safe and reliable. Our technicians are certified well drillers and pump installers with the B.C. Government.

Did you know: The BC Water Sustainability Act section 50.2-b-i mandates that installations and repairs only be performed by qualified well pump installers.

The Integra Water Systems Promise:

  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Same-day estimates on most requests
  • Affordable and upfront pricing
  • Emergency service calls
  • Well protection plans
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The Benefits of Water & Well Pumps

Cleaner Water Supply, No Water Bills & More

For most rural and remote communities in British Columbia, water and well pumps are the key to an ongoing source of clean water. Residential water and well pumps come with many benefits that can make life for you and your family easier! With a water pump system, your water supply comes directly from the ground, allowing you to clean dishes, shower, and do laundry without a second thought. Unlike city water users, you can enjoy your water supply free of charge, this means you won’t have to worry about the monthly bill coming in! As a water pump or well user, you’ll also be able to enjoy cleaner, healthier water! Contact Integra Water today for water & well pump services.

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Water Pump Maintenance

With most wells being able to operate for many years without maintenance, many homeowners do not realize that their well requires service or routine maintenance until it is too late.

Preventive maintenance is essential to the operation of your water well pump and system. Integra Water Systems can inspect the mechanical and electrical integrity of your well water system to ensure that it is operating smoothly. Regular maintenance also gives your system a better chance of lasting longer and catching small problems before they become big ones.

Prevent issues before they occur with regular water pump maintenance. Get peace of mind. Learn about water and well pump testing and maintenance by contacting us today!


Water & Well Pump


Residential water or well pumps push water from your well into a storage tank. It uses a motor to draw water into a pump and then it pushes it to the surface into a pressure tank. It will continuously pump water into this tank until the tank’s air pressure reaches a specific level. When you turn your faucet on, the force of the reducing air pressure pushes water through your plumbing. When the air pressure drops below a certain point, the pump will turn on again, repeating the cycle.

Living in a rural area of Victoria, BC? Contact our team at Integra Water for more information on water and well pumps for your residential property.

We recommend having your well pump or water system checked every 2 to 3 years. This will ensure that your well pump continues to run efficiently. This allows you to take a preventative approach to maintenance, catching any minor issues before they become larger, more expensive issues.

When was the last time you had water or well pump maintenance? Get in touch with Integra Water today to schedule well pump maintenance in Victoria, BC.

Some common problems you may experience with a well pump over the years include:

  • Pumping air instead of water
  • Pumping a large amount of sediment
  • Low water pressure from your tap

To fix these issues, you’ll want to schedule a maintenance appointment with a professional. They’ll be able to determine the best course of action for resolving the issue you’re experiencing. Get in touch with Integra Water today!

Since your well pump is underground, you won’t be able to just look at the pump to determine if it is in need of repair. Here are some warning signs to look out for that will tell you whether you’re in need of well pump repair:

  • No water
  • Sputtering water
  • Cloudy or muddy water
  • Quality of water has changed (smell & taste)

If you’re experiencing any of the above, get in touch with our team at Integra Water! We would be happy to help with all your well pump repair needs in Victoria, BC.

Integra Water is a BC licensed and qualified water pump installer. We are also a member of the BC Groundwater Association. This means we are a trusted service provider that is committed to the protection, promotion, and responsible development of groundwater resources. We also stay up-to-date with new standards and techniques to improve our installation process.

If you’re interested in working with Integra Water, contact our team to get started.

If you’re experiencing low water pressure from your water well there are a number of reasons that could be causing this. Low water pressure is usually a telltale sign of a larger problem. For instance, there could be a leak in a pipe or in the well itself, or the pump needs to be replaced. The best thing to do in this situation is to contact a professional. Our team at Integra Water has the right experience and is equipped with the right tools to locate and solve the problem of low water pressure.

Contact our team at Integra Water if you’re experiencing low water pressure from your water & well pump in Victoria, BC.


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