Water Pumps & Water Well Specialists

Choosing the right contractor is a challenge. It’s a big decision, especially if you own a private water well system or water pumps.

What happens when it needs maintenance or repairs? At that point, who do you turn to? Who can you trust?  Considering what’s at stake – safe, clean drinking water – who do you call?

Call licensed and environmentally-friendly water quality professionals.

Meet Integra Water Systems

We are a registered water pump and aquifer maintenance specialist with the province of BC.

Based in Victoria, we’re a local and reliable source and resource for water quality and pumps. In fact, some call us the ‘natural choice’ for drinkable water solutions. With a reputation that spans 25 years of industry experience, we like to think it’s earned.

Do you have water pump or water well issues?

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*FREE Consultations and Emergency Service is available 24/7/365 in Victoria, Southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

Learn more about how we help.

Reliable water source-to-tap experts

Water well bylaws vary throughout British Columbia. In fact, regulations can change depending on your region and groundwater source. For instance, rules differ for residential and commercial systems. In other words, knowledge and experience count. As such, we only hire government registered well pump installers.

You know that installing, altering, and decommissioning a well is a restricted activity in BC.

Rest assured. Integra is 100% compliant when it comes to Water Drinking Regulations and the Drinking Water Protection Act.

To put it differently, everything we do is by the book, including:

  • Installations
  • Maintenance
  • Replacements
  • Water testing
  • Repairs

Victoria’s one-stop water pumps system shop

We do it all, even real estate system evaluations! Expect excellent customer service for aquifer and domestic groundwater supplies:

Water Wells

Water Wells

Be it testing or an install or overhaul; we can help with private water well services.

Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Concerned about your water quality? From agricultural to home, rural to industrial, we have the right filter device – drink safe with highly competent water treatment systems for homes and businesses.

Water Pumps

Water Pumps

Faulty pump or tank? Our water pump specialists are here and near in Victoria and the surrounding area. Don’t hesitate to call.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

Reuse, reduce, recycle! This applies to more than just plastics. Learn how rainwater harvesting improves water to flow naturally.

Protect Your Home

Prevents staining in sinks. tubs and toilets and protects against iron build-up in plumbing, septic systems and appliances.

Custom Filtration

Custom media blends offer effective treatment for your well water.

Better Tasting Water

Look to an under sink filtration system to enjoy refreshing water for cooking and drinking.

Low Maintenance

Reliable water systems that are custom designed for your home.

Perfect Water Pressure

Constant pressure pump systems automatically adjust to the usage trends In your home.


Chemical free water conditioning systems that use less water and help to reduce our environmental impact.

Trusted Solutions

At Integra Water Systems, expect exceptional customer service and experience for water pumps, water wells, water quality and more including:

Affordable pricing
Sustainable options
Protection plans
Free estimates
Water reports

And more with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Feel confident and secure.


Call 250-391-3969 for a free on-site estimate. You’ll be glad you did!


Serving Victoria, Duncan, Lake Cowichan, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Saanich, Sidney, Shawnigan Lake, East Sooke, Sooke, and the Gulf Islands.

*References are available upon request.