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At Integra Water Systems, we inspect, repair, fit and install pressure tanks, pumps and the other components of well systems.


Using a Pressure Tank For Your Well Systems

The pressure tank is one of the essential parts of a well system along with the pump, pressure switch, and the well itself. A pressure tank keeps the wells water in storage and delivers it to your house under the proper pressure.

At the bottom and top of your pressure tank, respectively, are two components: water and compressed air. When you turn on a faucet, compressed air applies pressure to the water, causing it to flow out of the tank and into your home’s plumbing at a steady rate.

A pressure tank not only controls water pressure but also provides access to well water without requiring you to manually switch on the pump. Additionally, it enables you to draw well water without having to constantly turn the pump on and off. This lessens the strain on the pump and prolongs its life span.

There are three types of pressure tanks including air-over-water tanks, diaphragm tanks and bladder tanks. Pressure tanks can be tricky to handle, which is why at Integra Water, we offer professional well pump pressure tank setup and maintenance for customers across the Province.

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Comprehensive Pressure Tank Services

At Integra Waters, we provide a variety of well pressure tank installations, upgrades, and services. We install a variety of well pumps, including jet pumps and submersible pumps. Additionally, we install pressure tanks and repair frozen and leaking main well lines. Our certified specialists are available to assist you with all of your residential and commercial water pump needs and will promptly and completely address all of your water issues.

There is a possibility of flooding and a mess from a backup of water when a well pump and pressure tank abruptly fails. Our qualified and certified well pump and pressure tank technicians handle your well pump pressure tank setup as well as routine maintenance to avoid breakdown and damage.

When you experience well pump and pressure tank breakdown, our technicians will visit your house or place of business, professionally assess the issue, and identify the root cause. Depending on our findings, we will next recommend repairing or replacing your pressure tank, giving you the peace of mind that your water problem will be professionally and effectively resolved when we leave your property. We also offer well pressure tank maintenance, so you can avoid costly repairs down the line.

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How Do Pressure Tanks Work?

Your pressure tank contains two main components: Water and Compressed Air

The compressed air puts pressure on the water when you use it, for instance, turning on a faucet. As a result, the water flows out of the tank and into your home’s plumbing system. Let me explain further.

The water from the well enters into the bottom of the tank through the pump’s action. As the water level rises, the air at the top of the tank is increasingly compressed. When it reaches maximum pressure, the pump automatically shuts itself off. When the water is turned on in your home, the compressed air forces water out of the tank. Once the water level drops to a certain degree, and the tank’s air pressure hits a pre-set minimum, the pump turns back on and replenishes the tank.

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What Are the Benefits of Pressure Tanks?

In addition to regulating your water pressure, a pressure tank gives you immediate access to well water. As such, there’s no need to turn on the pump manually. Also, it lets you draw well water without the pump cycling on and off each time; thereby, reducing stress on the pump and enhancing its longevity.

Pressure Tanks


To reduce pump cycling, all well systems require pressurised water storage. Most pump motors are designed to run for one to two minutes to avoid over-cycling and probable failure, which can cost thousands of dollars to fix or replace. Small water usage like operating a faucet or flushing a toilet would induce quick pump cycles if there was no additional storage. A well tank protects the system by storing water and minimising energy use.

A flexible diaphragm separates stored well water from a compressed air charge in Integra Water well tanks. This air charge creates positive pressure in the tank, allowing it to fill and empty with water. During operation, the pump fills the tank, creating a pressured water reservoir. The tank provides water to satisfy demand as fixtures are turned on. The well pump activates when the tank is nearly empty, refilling it and restarting the procedure. This cycle allows the pump to run occasionally rather than continuously, giving the motor time to cool.

A vinyl bladder is found inside a pre-charged bladder style tank. The bladder is encased in compressed air. Under pressure, your well pump will push water into the bladder. When the pump is turned off, a one-way check valve in the piping system keeps the water inside the tank. When a faucet, shower, or other device is turned on, the air pressure inside the tank squeezes the bladder, forcing the water out.

No. A vinyl bag is contained within the bladder tank. A vinyl or rubber flat diaphragm is put in the diaphragm tank, usually about two – third of the way from front to rear. A seam can be seen around the outside of the steel tank if you look closely. The diaphragm is located there. The diaphragm and bladder tanks serve the same purpose. On one side of the diaphragm, compressed air presses on the diaphragm and the water on the other.

The physical size of a pre-charged tank is its principal benefit. It can replace a considerably bigger typical air-over-water tank because it holds compressed air.

Count the number of plumbing devices inside and outside your home, such as showers, appliances, toilets, and so on. This is the used to determine the right well tank size by a professional. Our Experts at Integra Water will help you decide the perfect tank size for you and walk you through the process. Contact us today.


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