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How Jet Pumps Work

Jet pumps create pressure through the use of an impeller or centrifugal pump. The impeller moves water — known as drive water — through a narrow orifice, or a jet, mounted in the housing in front of the impeller.

Constriction of the jet causes the speed of moving water to increase. As the water leaves, a vacuum draws additional water from the well. The extra pumped water combines with the drive water, discharging into the home at high pressure.

The process of drawing water with a shallow well jet pump is that it also uses water. As a result, the pump needs to be filled with water, or primed, before it can work. One-way check valves are installed to keep the water from flowing back down the well.

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Shallow Well Jet Pump Professionals

Integra Water is known for being able to provide unique, creative, and effective water solutions for Victoria and BC communities. This business has hardworking staff with lifetimes of experience and their work shows it! Integra Waters specializes in water pump services and has over 25 years of shallow water jet pump expertise. This way, you can work with us knowing your jet pump needs will be handled by the best in the business.

There are 2 types of jet pumps commonly used in residential areas. Deep well jet pumps and shallow well jet pumps. The type of jet pump that should be used depends on the depth of your well or body of water. Our trained experts can survey your well or property to help you determine the most effective jet pump solution. However, typically a shallow jet pump does the trick since they are typically used for wells as deep as 25 feet.

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An above-ground, one-line or two-line jet pump can operate for many years before requiring replacement. They can last as few as four years to as many as 15 to 20 years. That said, issues may arise if not properly maintained. Shallow well systems and water pumps may require updates in water technology and maintenance to keep the water running. You can add to their longevity and stop problems from arising with preventive maintenance.

Shallow well pump service and maintenance is a specialty of our team here at Integra Water. If you have any questions about your current jet pump setup or are looking to get a new shallow jet pump system installed, you can get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help! With a lifetime of experience, we are the go-to water solution experts in Victoria, BC and surrounding areas.

Jet Pumps


Suction lift is the distance from the surface of the water to the inlet of the pump. It is essentially how far the water must travel through the pump from the surface to its destination. If you have any questions at all regarding your jet pump, feel free to give us a call and our team of trained experts will be happy to help you, no matter how small the request! Contact us today!

Your first step is going to be to disconnect the electricity from the pump and remove the priming plug located at the wet end of the pump. Fill it with water and then replace the priming plug and reconnect your electricity. It is as simple as that! Make sure your pump is building pressure and you will know you have successfully primed your pump. If you encounter any issues at all, Integra Water is here to help. Contact us now!

The major difference between a deep well and a shallow well when it comes to sizing is simple. A shallow well has a maximum depth of 25 feet to the surface, whereas a deep well can have a depth of up to 120 feet. Deep wells use a deep well ejector kit that is matched to the pumps capabilities.

Integra Water is here to answer all of your questions and help you with all of your jet pump needs. Contact us today to get started!

Jet pumps are pumps that are typically used to draw water from below to provide potable water and proper water pressure for households, sprinklers, or irrigation systems. The jet pump uses a suction pipe to draw the water and increase its speed so you get the desired pressure in your shower or sink. If you suspect your jet pump is broken or damaged, contact Integra Water and we will send one of our experts to you to assess the situation and determine what the next steps should be. We are happy to help!

A jet pump creates a forced flow of water through a suction pipe. This suction is typically created through electric-powered impellers and a jet ejector to move water quickly. This suction is ideal to pull water up from the ground or a body of water like a well.

At Integra Water, we offer both submersible well pump services and jet pump services. Jet pumps are located above ground and use motors to pull water above ground, whereas submersible well pumps operate below the ground and push water to the surface where it is usually held in a storage tank. Depending on your property, our experts can help identify which pump might work best for your home and situation.


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