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Taking care of the environment is becoming more and more important, especially in a place as beautiful as British Columbia. There are countless ways an individual can make a difference, and perhaps few are as easy as installing a rain barrel system in Nanaimo to take advantage of the ample rainfall our region sees each year. Rainwater tank installation in Nanaimo is an easy and affordable way to give back while also getting a little something for yourself.

Not only will you reduce water bills in Nanaimo, but it is also rather easy to collect rainwater harvesting rebate eligibility in Nanaimo as well. The team here at Integra Water is here to help our clients do their part while also getting something in return, and rainwater harvesting is a wonderful place to start.

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Benefits of Rainwater Tank Installation in Nanaimo

With the amount of rain the Pacific Northwest sees each year, water conservation is likely not on the minds of many of our citizens. That said, harvesting rainwater is one of the easiest and most beneficial sustainable water solutions in Nanaimo. By gathering and repurposing our naturally occurring rainwater you will reduce the amount of water needed in your home considerably. This not only helps in the eyes of water conservation but will reduce your bills as well. Further, there are generous rebates that can accompany the installation costs of a rain barrel system in Nanaimo.

While you can utilize your rainwater for just about anything, garden irrigation in Nanaimo is an easy and cheap way to repurpose our plentiful rainwater. By using your collected rainwater for gardening, you can skip the filtration process while still reaping the benefits of a reduced reliance on tap water, reducing the strain on local water resources, and still watering your garden as needed.

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Investment and Savings

To some, the Nainamo rainwater harvesting rebate is one of the most enticing reasons to undertake this simple home improvement project. In short, you could earn $450 back for cisterns rated for potable use that are able to collect 4,546 litres and up to $300 more available for transport piping, debris traps, filters, and installation. When coupled with the accumulated savings on your water bills, adding a simple cistern or rain barrel becomes a no brainer.

While you will start to see instant savings, the financial and environmental benefits truly accumulate over time. The more it rains, the more you save – and the longer you have been collecting rainwater the more savings you will see!

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Rainwater harvesting Installer is here for you

Integra Water Nanaimo is Here

Rainwater harvesting in Nanaimo is an incredibly easy way to reap some excellent financial gain while also giving back to the environment, and with as much rain as we enjoy in the Vancouver area it would be foolish to not take advantage of this!

The experts at Integra Water are passionate about efficient water use and conservation, and we are always happy to offer a free consultation or a quote for a rainwater harvesting system specific to your home.

Give us a call at 250-391-3969, fire us an email at [email protected], or stop in and pay us a visit. We’re always happy to help!


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