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The use of ozone before biofiltration as the primary disinfectant leads to more complete disinfection and a lower disinfectant concentration.

Because ozone has excellent disinfection and oxidation properties, it is widely used in various water treatment applications that require a highly efficient and ecologically friendly water treatment method.

Ozone is by far the most effective disinfection agent for completely removing contaminants, toxins and many other substances in various water treatment applications.

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The Benefits of Ozone Water Treatment

Ozone can be added at different points throughout the water treatment system – during pre-oxidation, intermediate oxidation, or at the final disinfection. When used for pre-oxidation, just before passing the water through a sand filter or granular activated carbon filter (GAC), the filters can remove the already oxidized residual organic matter, and metals, leaving the water odourless, clean, and pure.

While chemical treatment (such as Chlorination) may equally disinfect, there is always the downstream concentration of these chemicals and their disinfection byproducts that remain a problem. Ozone, on the other hand, leaves no chemical residue. It is a gas comprised of three oxygen atoms that after acting as an oxidizing agent, reverts to pure clean oxygen.


Industries that Require Water Treatment Systems

Several industries benefit greatly from a commercial water treatment system. Not only do industries make use of huge quantities of water daily, but the quality of the water also plays a significant role in their production processes. This is why companies need to invest in a reliable industrial water treatment system.

Industries such as health care, food and beverage, cosmetics and health products, construction and manufacturing, and more benefit from water treatment systems. Contaminated water poses a threat to the health of workers and can cause corrosion within other systems (oilers, pipes…etc).

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Achieving Better Disinfection & Reducing Disinfection By-products

Water treatment with a chemical disinfectant initiates a reaction between organic material and the disinfectant thus creating disinfection byproducts (DBP) in the process. Using chlorine as the disinfectant leads to the formation of chlorinated organic DBPs such as trihalomethanes (THM). Using ozone on the other hand leads to organic DBPs like ketones and aldehydes which are easily degraded (up to 100 percent) in a biofilter. This way, the use of ozone as the disinfectant creates safer disinfection byproducts that do not present any risk of noncompliance to drinking water standards.

Where chlorine is used as the disinfectant, prior ozonation is recommended for pre-oxidation to reduce the number of disinfection byproducts in the conventional disinfection system.

Commercial Water Treatment


Commercial water treatment, or water purification, refers to treating large volumes of water at high-flow rates. They are often used to meet the high-volume water treatment needs of facilities and industries including hotels, manufacturing plants, schools, restaurants and more. Commercial water treatment systems work towards removing bacteria, viruses, chlorine, dissolved solids, sediment and more, using a variety of methods. These methods include softening, dealkalization, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration ad others.

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Ozone water treatment is a method of commercial water treatment that reduces contaminants through ozone’s oxidative strength. Ozone is an effective disinfection agent for completely removing contaminants, toxins, and many other substances for commercial water treatment applications. This method leaves no chemical residue.

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It’s always best to schedule regular maintenance for the commercial water treatment system used at your facility. Regular maintenance will ensure that your water treatment system is working as efficiently as possible. A professional technician will also be able to catch any small issues before they become larger issues that will end up costing you more money in the future.

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Although chlorination has been the traditional water treatment method for many years. The process of chlorination is effective, but it takes long periods to take effect, especially for the volume of water used by commercial businesses and facilities. Ozone has become a new popular choice among businesses looking for a modern water treatment solution. Ozone does not create any dangerous byproducts leading to a safer disinfection process while keeping the same standards for drinking water present.

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